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“Helping Women create real change in their life, leading them to great fulfillment”

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One-on-One Coaching

one on one coaching

Working with Mira was a wonderful experience! She really helped me in a time of transition to balance my personal and professional goals


"For most of us, we don’t make time to stop and find space to checkin with ourselves and explore where we are at in life. This is what Mira creates, a safe, warm and supportive environment, where you can be vulnerable and unlock your full potential. I’m so grateful for my coaching experience and the path I have created from my sessions with Mira."

- Laura

"Mira offers women coaching and has many tools and tips to help women succeed. The tools and tips that Mira provides is based on the challenges she has faced and overcome in her life."

- Fiona

"Mira is all about helping women to thrive (both personally and professional). She offers a space of non-judgement and genuinely wants women to do well."

- Jenna

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her_TRYBE Women's Circle.

Women coming together for support, raising our families, healing and connection is an important part of our history.  Yet over time, as our world has evolved, and we go about our busy lives, we have lost touch with this way of living.  Women together thrive.  As we share, connect and inspire one another, we allow ourselves to heal. When we raise each other up, magic happens!


her_TRYBE is a non-judgemental space which embraces you as you are.  Women will feel seen, heard, loved, supported, energised and inspired.  her_TRYBE creates women’s events that nourish the mind, body and soul.  It’s a space for women to take time out to reconnect to self, maintain balance and bond with like- minded women. 


In our modern world, we as women can often find ourselves feeling isolated and alone as we grapple with various challenges.  her_TRYBE events create a safe space for women to share openly and receive the support of others.  Through the facilitation of women’s circles these events foster a true sense of community and well being


In a beautiful space that allows You to be completely You, and leaves you feeling uplifted, understood and with connections.  This is her_TRYBE.