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Mira Claudia

Who is she…

A born storyteller, who dreamt of becoming a mermaid as a child and was nicknamed “chatterbox” by her family, Mira has curated a life around a deep passion for people and using her gift of communication to help others feel seen, heard and understood.  

After years of seeking to find the ideal role and playing small due to self doubt, the significant event of the end of her marriage brought about the greatest gift.  The place of ground zero, from where she saw the only choice of going up!   See big life change presents us with an opportunity, keep doing the same and get the same results, or take risks and go for more.  

Mira observed in herself and other women, how much you can lose your sense of self through the roles you play in life.  She saw the key to creating a life where you wake up LOVING to live every day, was in finding out who you truly are and LOVING yourself as you are. 

Mira’s deep passion for holistic wellbeing and living a wholehearted life highlighted the greater need for connection and community for women, from which her_TRYBE was born. 

Working across a range of industries Mira has worked with women, for women and held space for women for much of her adult life.  Mira creates her_TRYBE Women’s events and works one on one with women to discover their gifts and lead a life they love.

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