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Mira Claudia

Who is she…

A respected storyteller with a natural gift for words, who leaves you feeling truly understood. Through her masterful communication skills, she has shaped a life centered around understanding the human experience. Mira’s developed the pathway to coach and uplift other women from the clutches of overwhelm and self-doubt, guiding them to uncover their strengths and authentic self.

In a world where self-doubt often overshadows potential, Mira’s path has been a transformative one. Her significant life event – the end of a marriage – became the turning point that gifted her the power of embracing change over resisting it. This ground zero time in her life, where her world was turned upside down, became her springboard, propelling her towards embracing transformation. Through this, Mira realized the roles she’d assumed for others (mother, wife, partner) were overshadowing her true self. This realization ignited a journey of self-discovery, revealing they keys to healing from the past, and thriving instead of just surviving.

Mira’s uncovered a deep passion for holistic wellbeing and a desire to live authentically. The more women Mira worked with, the more she saw the urgent need for connection and community among women, sparking the birth of her_TRYBE in 2021 – a space where real, authentic women gather to uplift and empower one another.

With a heart devoted to empowering others, Mira Claudia works with women one-on-one, as well as leaders and small teams, resulting in significant impacts in not just their lives, but the lives of those around them.

Her role as a leader extends to the events she masterfully curates, including monthly women’s circles, empowering women in business networking events, and transformative retreats. Mira Claudia is not just a coach; she’s a beacon of authenticity, a leader who empowers, and a force for transformation.

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