one-on-one coaching.

“Hey lady, on the surface it seems like you have it all together, yet deep down, you’re grappling with self-doubt, feeling trapped in overwhelm, and feeling like you never quite achieve enough. Is the weight of high self-expectation pulling you down?”

I see the battle you’re silently fighting. The desire for more, yet constantly hitting roadblocks to take the action to find it. You are well aware of what stops you, yet haven’t found a way forward. You have tried positive mantras, read self-help books, seen psychologists, yet are still struggling.

Having worked with hundreds of women, I know the most common challenges you face:

  • Imposter syndrome
  • Lack of confidence and trust in yourself
  • Constant and debilitating overwhelm
  • People-pleasing and difficulty with setting boundaries

I have curated the key steps to help you overcome these challenges and take the action you need and want to further develop your career, business, and relationships. The problems you face in one area of life ripple and impact all. This is why when a client works with me, she doesn’t just see an impact in one area of her life; her increased confidence and self-belief ripple to all areas of her life. So, are you ready for real change?


Mira Claudia Coaching Programs:

Life Liberation Coaching:

Are you exhausted from self-doubt and indecision? Our intensive 2-month coaching is your path to liberation. Let’s dissolve the barriers, set boundaries, and ignite your authentic confidence.

Strengths Coaching:

Have you lost sight of your strengths and value in your career? Overcome career uncertainties with our strengths-focused coaching. Uncover your unique talents, boost self-confidence to pivot your career, and find your most rewarding role.

Team and Leadership Coaching for Small Businesses:

Seeking to lead with impact? Our team and leadership coaching empower small business owners like you to master leadership skills. Elevate team engagement, amplify communication, and drive growth.”


Ready to Liberate Your Potential?

Book a complementary chat with me below. In this tailored session, we will evaluate where you are, where you want to be, the blocks stopping you, and how we can work together to help you break free from the cycle you are in.

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